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  • Sep 19 Surfin': Getting Your QSL from Here to There
  • Sep 17 Vietnam Era Radioman
  • Sep 17 Anything for a Buck
  • Sep 15 Amateur Radio Quiz: As the Dial Turns
  • Sep 12 Surfin': Old and New, But Nothing Blue
  • Sep 11 A Great Name in Radio Turns 75
  • Sep 05 Surfin': Skimming the Code
  • Sep 01 Planning for the ARRL's Second Century
  • Aug 29 ARRL In Action: What Have We Been Up To Lately?
  • Aug 29 CQ China

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    ARRL Sets up E-mail Addresses for Use During Hurricanes, Tropical Storms (Sep 2, 2008 [REVISED Sep 6, 2008 11:28 ET]) -- In an effort to streamline hurricane support operations at ARRL Headquarters, the League has set up two e-mail addresses for hams to pose questions or relay non-emergent information to HQ Staff relating to hurricane or named tropical storm events. If you need to communicate with ARRL HQ regarding these storms, please use or While these e-mail addresses are not monitored on a 24/7 basis, they are monitored during each storm's descent on the US, as well as throughout the hurricane season.
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    IARU Award Certificates Get New Look (Sep 20, 2008) -- On Friday, he ARRL Awards Branch unveiled a new design for two IARU award certificates: the Worked All Continents Award (WAC) and the 5 Band Worked All Continents Award (5BWAC). WAC is awarded to amateurs who have confirmed contacts on any band with Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, North America and Oceania, while 5BWAC recognizes hams who have made confirmed contacts with those continents on 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 meters.
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    Feature: Surfin': Getting Your QSL from Here to There (Sep 19, 2008) -- This week's Surfin' features a Web site that is a one-stop shop for getting your QSL card on its way.
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    The K7RA Solar Update (Sep 19, 2008) -- Last week saw another brief sunspot appearance followed by a quick fade. This was an old Solar Cycle 23 spot -- number 1001 -- resulting in a sunspot number of 12 for September 11. Sunspot numbers for September 11-17 were 12, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 and 0 with a mean of 1.7. The 10.7 cm flux was 66.9, 66.3, 66.4, 66.8, 67.5, 69.4 and 67.1 with a mean of 67.2. Estimated planetary A indices were 2, 2, 0, 6, 15, 9 and 3 with a mean of 5.3. Estimated mid-latitude A indices were 1, 0, 0, 4, 11, 7 and 3 with a mean of 3.7.
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    Areas not Directly in Storm's Path Also Affected by Ike and Lowell (Sep 18, 2008) -- While Hurricane Ike, as well as Tropical Storm Lowell, caused severe damage in and around the impact zone of the  Texas Gulf Coast, the storm's aftermath was felt as far north as Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. Just like their counterparts on the Gulf Coast, ARES® members in the Midwest are assisting served agencies in their area.
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    Feature: Vietnam Era Radioman (Sep 17, 2008) -- A tour of duty with a navy radioman during the 1960s.
    Full Story

    Brennan Price, N4QX, Returns to ARRL Staff (Sep 17, 2008) -- Brennan Price, N4QX, returned to the ARRL Staff as the League's Technical Relations Manager on September 15, filling the vacancy created by the retirement of Paul Rinaldo, W4RI, earlier this summer. From 2000-2004, Price served as Field and Regulatory Correspondent and Assistant Technical Editor at ARRL Headquarters. As Technical Relations Manager, he will be responsible for representing the ARRL's interests to federal government agencies, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and other international organizations, and regional telecommunications organizations, personally and through the supervision of other Technical Relations Office staff.
    Full Story

    Feature: Anything for a Buck (Sep 17, 2008) -- After writing my last column I was amazed by the number of people who wrote to tell me that cell phones are dangerous, and they have proof! I was directed to one of a number of videos that were available on YouTube, showing kernels of popcorn on a table that popped when one to four cell phones around them were transmitting. "It's obvious," reasoned these correspondents, "that if a cell phone can generate enough heat to pop corn, then it can also fry your brain cells!"
    Full Story

    ARRL Continuing Education Online Course Registration (Sep 17, 2008) -- Registration remains open through Sunday October 5, 2008 for these online course sessions beginning on Friday October 17, 2008: Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Level 2 (EC-002); Antenna Modeling (EC-004); HF Digital Communications (EC-005); VHF/UHF -- Life Beyond the Repeater (EC-008), and Radio Frequency Propagation (EC-011). Each online course has been developed in segments -- learning units with objectives, informative text, student activities and quizzes. Courses are interactive, and some include direct communications with a Mentor/Instructor. Students register for a particular session that may be 8, 12 or 16 weeks (depending on the course) and they may access the course at any time of day during the course period, completing lessons and activities at times convenient for their personal schedule. Mentors assist students by answering questions, reviewing assignments and activities, as well as providing helpful feedback. Interaction with mentors is conducted through e-mail; there is no appointed time the student must be present -- allowing complete flexibility for the student to work when and where it is convenient. To learn more, visit the Continuing Education course listing page or contact the Continuing Education Program Coordinator.
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    Hams Assist as Recovery Process Begins for Ike (Sep 16, 2008) -- Hams in Harris County -- the Texas county where Houston is located -- and the surrounding area are responding to calls to assist served agencies with Points of Distribution (POD) starting today around the Greater Houston area. These PODs, scheduled to run from 8 AM-8 PM Tuesday or until all supplies are exhausted, are set up to distribute water, ice and food to area residents dealing with Ike and that storm's aftermath.
    Full Story

    Hams in Texas and Surrounding States Active as Ike Pounds Gulf Coast and Inland Areas (Sep 15, 2008) -- As Hurricane Ike weakened and became a tropical storm and then a tropical depression after slamming ashore near Galveston, Texas early Saturday morning, hams in several ARRL sections were supporting agencies with their communications needs. Although the final word on all the locations where ARES® was providing communications support has yet to be reported, it was clear that Amateur Radio played a part in the response to the massive storm.
    Full Story

    Feature: Amateur Radio Quiz: As the Dial Turns (Sep 15, 2008 [REVISED Sep 15, 2008 13:09 ET]) -- Amateur Radio is a home for innovators and experimenters, continually changing and inventing new ways to communicate. Others like to push their equipment and personal skills to the very limits of what is possible -- and still more hams just like to try something new from time to time. All this leads to a lot of neat things to listen to on the ham bands. This quiz is about some of those signals you might hear as you spin the VFO knob.
    Full Story

    Texas Hams Braced for Ike (Sep 13, 2008 [REVISED Sep 14, 2008 09:12 ET]) -- As Tropical Storm Ike slowly weakens over Southeast Texas, hams in the three ARRL Texas Sections -- South Texas, North Texas and West Texas -- are assisting served agencies that are coping with the after-effects of was once a Category 2 hurricane. At 2:10 Saturday morning, Ike made landfall with the eastern part of Galveston Island with sustained winds reaching 110 MPH; just eight hours later, Ike, slowing down considerably, only had winds measuring at 80 MPH, and only at 45 MPH by 4 PM. In a conference call on Saturday morning with League Headquarters, ARRL Section Leadership from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Arkansas said hams in their respective Sections were ready for whatever Ike brought their way.
    Full Story

    W1AW Supports EchoLink Operations During Ike (Sep 13, 2008) -- Throughout the course of Hurricane -- now Tropical Storm -- Ike, operators at W1AW, the Hiram Percy Maxim Station, hooked into the HF radio of ARRL West Gulf Vice Director David Woolweaver, K5RAV, via EchoLink. According to W1AW Station Manager Joe Carcia, NJ1Q, this enabled hams in Newington to monitor the Texas Emergency Net. "Through Dr Woolweaver's initiative, we could use EchoLink in this fashion to assist ARRL HQ staff monitor critical Net operations using HF -- a capability we have never taken advantage of before."
    Full Story

    Hurricane Ike Eyeing Galveston Island (Sep 12, 2008) -- Hurricane Ike -- currently a Category 2 hurricane, but expected to reach Category 3 status sometime today -- is poised to make landfall near Galveston Island around 3 AM early Saturday, if it keeps on its current track and speed. Hams in Texas and Louisiana have had a bit of a breather since Hurricane Gustav came through two weeks ago, but ARRL Section leadership in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Arkansas have reported in ongoing conference calls with ARRL Headquarters that they are ready for Ike.
    Full Story

    Earlier Stories

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